About MQ
Tamed advertising will never create beyond the generic, the standard and the normal. However, that’s not what we’re about. We have freed our creativity and allowed it to return to a pure and savage state (“maron” in Romanian). Therefore, we can create advertising that flows smoothly outside of those limits. And this is exactly what we do qua (lat. in the capacity of) everything, since our empathic approach allows us to understand and assimilate the worlds of our clients and their targets. We blend these with our own in order to achieve perfection. Also… do bear in mind that the accent falls on the last syllable.
Our agency offers integrated solutions and strives for nothing less than perfection. We constantly break our boundaries and those of advertising, in order to innovate and go where others don’t dare to. We provide our clients and their target customers not with what they want, but what they need. Our work isn’t cheap, as far as both price and end-product are concerned. Our work isn’t hasty either, because we hate waste – this does not mean that we cannot deliver on a deadline… it just means we will work overtime to bring our handcrafted solution to where we want it to be and where you deserve to have it. We take pride in the fact that we take our time with your project.

Our Services
Maronqua means integrated solutions. We use our wide range of services as instruments, to tailor every project to your specific needs and help your business take the next step. Our limitless imagination allows us to always create, not imitate. We throw away the box and go against the stream of domesticized, assembly-line advertising, in order to make you stand out in the crowd. Everything we release is handcrafted with an almost obsessive attention to detail, every single pixel aligned to the big picture.
Think of your business as your child. You want it to grow big and strong. To be a reliable individual with a distinct personality and style. To make a name for itself and have a long prosperous life. And you know it needs guidance and help to get there. We are those tutors who can shape its personality and bring it to maturity. We can teach it how to have a voice of its own and stand out. We want you to be proud of your company.
Borders are disappearing, distances are fading and people are connecting more than ever. The internet can help you reach a larger audience than any other environment, since about a third of the worlds population spends its time online – discovering, discussing, and judging. This means that the relationship with clients has never been so close and it’s easier to win or lose your reputation. We make sure your online image and (inter)actions have the highest possible impact.
Social Media
In a crowd, where everyone is talking at once, it’s hard to understand what anyone is saying. And that’s what social media looks like for outsiders – the loud sound of countless voices. Our know-how of this complex world and the connections between each and every one of its parts helps your communication and interaction always reach their target. We make your voice heard above the noise.
After it has a consistent identity, a business necessarily needs to know how to use it and approach the market. Without a clear, documented strategy, they’re just walking in the dark. Since everything is moving at an ever faster pace, you need to adapt to shifting environments, in order to be succesful. We can give you a sharper image of your strengths and the most profitable and efficient way to apply them. Be focused in the blur of a highspeed world.
We think and do the unconventional, from concept, to design and up to the finished product. What we create doesn’t get thrown out – it is put on display for anyone to see. Like pieces of a puzzle, every material is at once recognized as belonging to the same whole: your brand. More than that, we will be the ones who work with the production company, to ensure that the end-product is as close to our vision as possible.
The Process
Relationships are built on trust and honesty. That’s why we want to show you the path we take to the solutions we develop. For us, this is a naturally flowing process and we don’t skip steps, because each of them is important for the quality of the end-product. You know you can’t rush perfection.
Before we start to work on a solution, we have to know what the problem is. That’s why we meet with the client first and listen. What you tell us about your company, products, services – everything and anything about your business – gives us the initial overview.
The next step is a thorough research. We study the product, target market and competitors, while taking the budget and available technologies into account. The resulting compilation includes every piece of relevant information and data there is.
An in-depth analysis of this material is used as foundation for brainstorming. Our imagination and creativity are then freed as we immerse ourselves in your project. We resurface, bringing along the necessary ideas to set our path and build the initial concept.
Step by step, that concept is given form. It is transformed and reshaped as we go through several sketches and drafts. Even if these are only first versions, they supply the building blocks for our solutions, so we have to get them right before we move on.
Based on the approved sketches, we handcraft everything and take every detail into consideration. We start from the bigger picture and work our way down to the smallest pixel and back. In doing this, we make sure that they are perfectly aligned, always in harmony.
Like we said: we’re perfectionists. This means we don’t allow mistakes and won’t release anything average or flawed; we are never finished, until we make sure it’s everything your business deserves. We polish every project, no matter how big or small, until it is pixel perfect.
Handcrafted Projects
The solutions we have provided so far are the measure of our efficiency. Our portfolio underlines our perfectionism. The products we have developed are evidence of our success in delivering nothing but quality. However, what’s past is only the beginning, because we never want to stop changing the world of advertising.
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We’re a team
Every one of us loves what he does, so for us it doesn’t feel like work. We advertise, create, design, promote, connect or solve, call it what you want. Call it work, but understand that we don’t see it as such. Every project is a team effort, where our individual skills each play their part. We use these efficiently and effectively in a golden spiral where the big picture and the smallest detail are joined in an interdependent relationship. In the end everything flows as subtly smooth and harmonious as the pastels in our logo. For the ones who choose our agency, we don’t aim to please. We aim to impress and go beyond your expectations. We will show you what our young, creatively oriented, perfectionist minds can do.
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Now that you know some things about us, we’d like to get to know you too. Maronqua can help you develop the best solution for any situation. We want to see your business stand out above the average. If you do too, we should meet and see what we can do for you. Allow yourself to reach higher.

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