Joey's animated profile picture

Joey doesn’t do much work. Actually, he doesn’t do any work. Joey’s a dog. All he does is chase his best friend around (you guessed it... it’s a ball), rest his head on our lap trying to tell us we need a brake (so we can pet him of course), sleep, eat and other doggy s...tuff. But he’s the heart of the office. Always wiggling his tail, happy for no apparent reason, he keeps our spirits up. He’s enthusiastic about greeting anyone who walks through the door, which always brings a smile to our face... even before coffee, on a Monday morning. He also “talks” in his sleep from time to time, but we can never figure out what he’s dreaming about. We imagine it’s probably a world where rubber balls grow on unmarked trees and get thrown around by the wind... or whatever it is dogs dream about – he hasn’t told us yet.

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