MTV Mobile powered by Cosmote, part of the global mass media company Viacom, launched their new MTV 7x offer on the Romanian market. Targeted at youngsters, their competitive offer focused especially on internet benefits. The upcoming “Isle of MTV: Malta” event was the perfective incentive to get both brand and offer out there. Centred around this huge open-air event, we built a contest where it mattered most for the target audience: online.

Idea to pixels

Carried out with the user in mind

Participants needed to be as engaged as possible, in a very simple and fun way. We started with the concept: hitchhike on Instagram and get a ride to Malta. Based on MTV Mobile's brand identity, we then built the logo and the contest's website. The whole design was carried out with the user in mind: help them enter the competition effortlessly and have an amazing experience. This one-page mini-site provided visitors with a visual guide to the contest and the IOMTV experience.

Thumb's Up For Malta! Need we say more?
Making the contest easy and fun to understand.

Framework to product

Keep it simple & make it fun

Quick and easy access to information was paramount and our custom graphics helped visitors navigate the website. More importantly though, they also supported the "Hitchhiker's Guide to Malta", which detailed each step of the contest. Along with the text that was tailored to Romanian youngsters' slang, this managed to keep it simple and make it fun.

Awareness to Experience

Get visitors hyped about it

Because the event did not have a lot of awareness in Romania, we also needed to get visitors hyped about it. And the website gives them every reason to be. A short introduction to the event opened the door. HTML5 video embedding led them through the experience of last year's winners. A random reason generator displayed 3 incentives at random, from a carefully handpicked pool of photos. Integration with Instagram updated entries regularly along with number of likes, wrapping everything up in style.

From a carefully curated pool of incentives.

Adaptive integration

In a fast-paced online environment you need to constantly adapt to your consumer's wants and needs. Remain static, and you'll be burried by the new. Therefore, we set up the entries section on the landing page. It would immediately collect and display entries made to Instagram tagged with the proper #hashtag. Moreover, it could be used as a gateway to the social media platform, where users could cast their votes.

Constantly adapt to your consumer's wants and needs

Apart from the integration with the social media platform, on which the contest was hosted, we also made sure it was communicated on the MTV Mobile webpage and the brand's Facebook page. This drove more traffic towards the contest, and also brought in new followers for the brand.

The whole desktop website
Website screenshot for smartphone
Website screenshot for smartphone